A day of fun at the island of San Pedro, Belize.

I’ve been traveling to San Pedro for the past 7 years working and it’s always fun to bring Mikey along. I promised him I’d let him drive a golf cart on his next visit so a promise of a Dad must be delivered. 🙂

Mikey has been anticipating this moment for some time. Here is his version of the story.

First thing in the morning I got up and packed to go ready to go to San Pedro.I ate some breakfast first, then went to the shower, took a bath and brushed my teeth. We headed to Belize City to take the boat to go to San Pedro.

We took some pictures on the boat and enjoyed the view

11790359_115878275421865_1281962097_o 11787371_115878305421862_761073748_n11798191_115878318755194_1682144645_n

After about 1 hour we arrived to the Island of Caye Caulker to drop off some passengers.11753767_115878505421842_1669851047_n

When we reached Caye caulker, people got off the boat and We saw a man wind surfing. So Cool! I want to do it.11798064_115878778755148_1838022889_n11791782_115878775421815_1636538689_n


After the passengers were dropped off. We then continue our journey to San Pedro.11778233_115878772088482_1424136118_n (1)

BYe BYe !! I’ll come back again during the day 🙂11774471_115878795421813_1942402722_n  11780425_115878848755141_1124560457_n



When we reached San pedro. Dad and I went to picked up a golf cart which would then take us to our hotel on the northern side of the island.

Dad allowed me to drive the golf cart as we headed to the hotel. Finally we got to the hotel.


When we reached the hotel at 7:00pm My dad allowed me to jump in the pool for a little while.  The next day I woke up early and went for another swim. We then got ready to go to work. My dad allowed me to drive the gof cart again on our way to work. The drive on the beach was a lot of fun.


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