Fun Places in Belize City – Princess Hotel Gym and Pool


Today I am going to Princess Hotel gym and pool with my Mom.


I got up early in the morning. Mom told me we were heading to Princess Hotel where she normally exercise. This time, Mom promised she would allow me to swim in the pool. I raced to the the tub, showered and brushed my teeth. I packed a few swimming trunks in my backpack and off we went..

When we arrived we took some pictures of the surroundings.

The view at the marina was very relaxing. I need to plan a fishing trip with Mom and Dad.


Mom and I worked out for 30 minutes before we headed on to the pool.11751139_113117252364634_1246381445_n

Finally, after Mom finished her exercise she took me to the pool to do what I do best. 😛


The Views from the pool are Great. There is a nice view to the Caribbean Sea, a lot of breeze and you can see the boats passing by as well. The pool is also very shallow which makes it a great option for kids who are just learning to swim.



I spent the rest of the day cooling off and practicing my diving..


Overall, the pool and views were great but I still think Bacab Eco Park which is only a few miles away is a much better experience for a kid of my size and age.



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