Back to my summer job working with Dad. I can’t wait for my new adventure.

You can foresee a kid’s future by making them a part of your present.


I remember when I was a kid. I visited my dad’s wood work shop regularly where I would play with pieces of wood and watch him work. It was a great experience for me and it taught me a lot about responsibility and hard work. I started to work with dad almost every summer from the age of 13. My job description was to provide him with assistance with his woodwork projects.

Here is some of his work

I enjoyed spending time with my dad as a kid and I think Mikey will also enjoy spending time at work assisting and learning.

Mikey will be working at my office for the summer so he can gather enough snack money to take on his trips 🙂

Some of Mikey’s responsibilities at MITCS include:

  • Helping around at the office when needed.
  • Buying snacks from the cafeteria.
  • Cleaning the office from time to time.
  • Ordering lunch to his liking.
  • Making sure the server room’s air conditioning is working. (blowing cold)
  • Spending as much time in front of a computer.
  • Reading his blog and finding new Destination Ideas.
  • Learning as much as he can from e-learning websites.
  • Last but not least taking out the garbage in the evenings.

I also give him breaks of Youtube from time to time. He loves Youtube.

One of Mikey’s youtube videos

I will have Mikey write his own blogs soon as well. I am giving him a little more time to familiarize himself with the process and I will be including that as part of his daily activities.

Mikey will also be spending 1 hr daily with his reading tutor on skype :)..



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