Backyard Tour to Bacab Eco Park in Belize District.

We start our Summer tour by visiting the nearest fun destination only a couple of minutes away from our home in Belize District, Belize. Bacab Eco Park

Bacab Eco Park is a family run tourist resort in Belize that is in close proximity to Belize City and closer yet (10 mins.)  to the International Airport.


I woke Mikey up at around 8:00am. He was a bit lazy and feisty until I explained where we were heading. He quickly took off to get ready and came to sit beside me at my office at around 9:00am. ” Dad, are we leaving yet?”


Our car is disabled and Dad, also known as granpa offered us a drop but I promised Mikey it would be more fun if we found our own way walking. He agreed with a sad face but was willing to take the challenge.


Our next goal is to pick up some snacks from the store and use our next best alternative of transport. Our feet :). Mikey is an expert at choosing snacks so I’ll have him take charge of completing this task…

IMAG2305 IMAG2302

We must add that our budget of $20.00 was enough to get us the basic needs such as water, chocolate milk and Takis. Sounds like a weird combination but the master of snack picking seem to know what he was doing.. Gotta have the Takis though.


We quickly found our way to the entrance and now there is only a short 15 min. walk  to our destination.


2 Minutes later…

Mikey was definitely pshyched about what happened next.. His first hitch-hiking experience. He had a big smile on his face from start to finish. “Dad, I Can’t believe it! walking is fun!”  and there it was.. My promise of fun was beginning to take shape.

IMAG2318 IMAG2334 IMAG2325IMAG2335
Yes we made it safe Mom..


Once we arrived at Bacab, We followed a short 3 mins. trail to the pool. The scenery is awesome and we couldn’t help it but to snap a couple more pictures on our way in.


IMAG2350   IMAG2357

Finally! what we’ve been waiting for… It was just around 10:00am and we had the pool for ourselves for at least 2 hrs before locals arrived. Worth all the hassle 🙂


We Spent the rest of the day enjoying the beautiful weather and cooling off..

IMAG2367 IMAG2373 IMAG2374 IMAG2375 IMAG2376 IMAG2380 IMAG2381  IMAG2385 IMAG2386   IMAG2391 IMAG2400 IMAG2403

After a full day of splashing, diving, sliding, eating and socializing with random kids.. Mikey was ready to hit the road back home.

The hands after a full day of being a little fish..


Our Journey back home was a bit relaxed. I had a chance to listen to Mikey as we walked on our way home. He has the most interesting stories.

IMAG2436 IMAG2464

walking sticks are always a good option. You never know what you will meet on the road. It can be from a small fly to a Jaguar! hehe..

IMAG2448 IMAG2450 IMAG2452

Our entire trip was fun from start to finish. There is never a dull moment while spending time with my son. He definitely enjoyed the day.

Mission Completed!



5 thoughts on “Backyard Tour to Bacab Eco Park in Belize District.

  1. So much fun! Mikey is adorable! I can’t wait to read about more adventures! Be careful of jaguars. 😉

    Little fact for Mikey- did you know that your body doesn’t get all wrinkle just because you are in the water? The body changes so you can have better traction and grip when under water. 🙂

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